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Coalescaremonium Dance Contest Recap

Coalescaremonium Dance Contest Recap

An interview with Sam Synthetic about the 2014 Coalescaremonium dance contest project.

What is Coalescaremonium about and where does it take place? 
The Coalescaremonium is a gothic happening with international DJ´s, bands, artists, fashion, dance and many kind people and it takes place in Brussel – Belgium. 

It was rumored that [A:D:S], now inactive, was scheduled to perform at Coalescaremonium and that your dance contest was to find replacements. Is this true?
I guess thats no suprise ;). The operator of Coalescaremonium, Wesley Kujpers, invited me and Credo to the second edition before [:A:D:S:] disbanded. I never asked him why he did not invite the whole [:A:D:S:] Crew but I guess he heard of the rumors about the disbandment, Alice was pregnant ;), or decided to have just the two of us for some other reason (maybe costs, other concept etc.). A few months later Wesley and Nocturne came up with the YouTube Dance contest idea and we agreed. 
How and where did you promote the Coalescaremonium dance contest? 
We promoted the contest on YouTube, Facebook and of course on Das Klub. We also told dancers all around our districts about the contest at parties or concerts.
What was the criteria you used to select the winners of the contest? For example, did you factor in wanting to have a certain number of male/ female dancers?
Well, having a certain balance between male and female dancers was of course one criteria, but not an important one. 
The more important criterias were: tact, endurance, body tension, motion, dynamics, range of variation, facial expression, the dance behavior at slow song parts, speed and safety in the handling of movements - as well as the overall picture. 
Unlike some other online dance contests, the winners of your dance contest had to travel to perform. Were there any people that could not make it to the performance that entered? 
No, everyone made it to the event. A group of us had a very funny bus travel from Cologne to Brussel. You can see outtakes and funny sequences in this video report by Credo Aestheticx
How many people entered the Coalescaremonium dance contest and how many did you select?
There were 48 video entrys and we selected 12 dancers to perform with us.
We never expected so many contestants so it was a huge suprise =)
Was there any advice or mandate that you made to the dancers that went on stage? For example, did you ask them to change anything about their style, clothing or get them to learn a certain routine?
The dancers were supposed to wear comfortable clothes mostly black with white applications.
We also had a routine of changing dancers on the stage so nobody had to exceed his physical limits. 
How was the music at Coalescaremonium, any favorite DJs/ bands? 
The bands who have played there: "Stardust Industry" and "Lords of the Lost" were awesome! The DJ's were as great as always. They played mostly very fast tracks (>150 bpm) so it was very exhausting to dance. 
What was Brussel like? Were the people in the city friendly towards those attending? 
Oh yes. Brussel is a beautiful town and it's very clean there. The people were friendly and seemed to be very interested in our clothing.
Was the Coalescaremonium dance contest something that you want to do again? 
On one side yes because it was great to recieve so much feedback and to motivate so many dancers to show us and the whole world what they can do. It was very funny to get to know the winners of the competition during the travel and the event and we were very glad about our decision and the good cooperation.
On the other hand we have to admit that the role as a judge of a contest is very hard, especially when so many talented people competed. We had to tell many skilled people (even close friends) that they did not make it and had a lot of work to do and questions to answer as well. 
Overall, what is your impression of Coalescaremonium?
The Coalescaremonium is a very special kind of event with a unbelievable atmosphere. It's a mix between darkness and elegance, dance and fashion, music and art. We´ve never seen an event like this before and we´re very glad about being a part of it since the beginning.

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